Booking a room (by phone) 1

A: Good morning. Pacific Hotel, Emma speaking, how can I help you?
B: Hi, I want to book a room for tomorrow night.
A: For how many people?
B: For 2 people.
A: Ifm sorry, madam. All our double rooms are booked for the night.
B: OK, thank you.

Booking a room (by phone) 2

A: Good morning, Pacific Hotel. How may I help you?
B: Hi, do you have any rooms available for tonight?
A: What kind of room? A double or a single?
B: A single room please.
A: Yes, we do have a single room available.
B: How much is it per night?
A: Itfs $30 a night and you can choose either an ocean-view, or one with a view of the front garden.
B: OK, thatfs great. An ocean view room please.
A: OK. And what is your name please?
B: Its Yamamoto, Kazuki.
A: Ok, Mr. Yamamoto. We will see you this evening.
B: Thank you. Bye.

Problems at check-in

A: Hello, I booked a room for tonight.
B: What is your name please?
A: Itfs Katsumi Nakamura
B: How do you spell that please?
A: My last name is Nakamura - N-A-K-A-M-U-R-A
B: Ifm sorry sir; we donft have a reservation for anyone under that name.
A: But I booked it with you this morning!
B: Ifm sorry; we donft have anything under your name. Do you have the phone number you used?
A: Yes, here it is.
B: Ahhh, this is the phone number for the Thornton Hotel - this is the Saunton Hotel!
A: Really?
B: Yes, donft worry; it sounds quite similar on the phone! The Thornton Hotel is near the train station.
A: Thank you very much! Sorry about that! Bye.
B: No problem. Have a good holiday! Bye.


A: Good afternoon.
B: Good afternoon. How can I help you?
A: Ifd like to check-in please.
B: Ok, what is your name?
A: It's Cook, Emma Cook
B: OK, Miss Cook. Your room number is 625 which is on floor 6, room 25.
A: Thank you very much.
B: Please fill out this form, with your address and passport details.
B: Also, for your information, check-out time is 10am.
B: Please leave your heavy bag here and we will bring it up for you.
A: Thank you very much.
B: Youfre welcome. We hope you enjoy your stay.
A: Thank you.

Asking for Information

A: Excuse me. Ifd like to get some information on London. Could you help me?
B: Of course. What kind of information were you looking for?
A: I would like to do a walking tour of Central London.
B: Ok. This pamphlet gives you some information, and it also has a map.
A: Thank you. Also, can you recommend any good places to see?
B: All the tourist places are great - convent garden is beautiful. Also Hyde Park is really lovely on a sunny day like today.
A: Thank you. Do you have any other advice at all?
B: Hmmm, I think that if possible donft take the underground very much - Central London is quite small and you see more if you walk. Also, make sure you keep your purse on the inside of your jacket - donft put it in your back pocket!
A: Ok, thank you very much for your help.
B: No problem. Have a great day. Bye.
A: Bye

Doing Laundry

A: Hello, laundry room, how may I help you?
B: Hi, This is Miss Sugimoto from room 103.
A: Yes? What can I do for you?
B: I received my laundry back but there is a shirt missing
A: Really? We are so sorry. What colour is it?
B: Its light blue with dark blue and white stripes.
A: Ok, I will look for it now. Please hold the line while I look.
B: OK.
A: Hi, Ifve just found it - Ifm sorry about that. It has just been ironed. I will send it up immediately.
B: Thank you very much.

Laundry troubles

A: Hello laundry room, how may I help you?
B: Hi. This is Jack Saunders from room 805.
A: Yes? What can I do for you?
B: One of my pairs of trousers is missing from my laundry?
A: Really? Let me look if I can find them... Ifm sorry, there are no trousers here.
B: Well, they must be! Please look again.
A: Sir, Ifm sorry but there are no trousers here. (hangs-up the phone)
B: How rude! (dials the phone)
C: Front Desk, how can I help you?
B: Hi, Can I speak to the manager please?
C: Yes, of course. I will just transfer you.
D: Hello. Jessica Dixon speaking, how can I help you?
B: Hi. Ifve just rung the laundry room as a pair of my trousers are missing and they were very unhelpful and hung up the phone on me.
D: Ifm terribly sorry sir. Let me look into this right away. Please can I have your name and room number?
B: Yes, itfs Jack Saunders from room 805.
D: Ifm so sorry Mr. Saunders. I will look into it right away and call you back.
B: Thank you.

Leaving your bags after check-out

A: Good morning
B: Good morning
A: I have to check out today but would it be possible to leave my bags here? I wanted to see a few more things before I leave.
B: Of course. But I canft guarantee that your bags will be safe as they wonft be in a locked room - is that ok?
A: Yes, that will be fine.
B: OK, here is your bag token. When you want to pick up your bags please show that at the front desk.
A: OK, thank you for your help. See you later.
B: Bye

Forgotten Items

A: Hi, can I help you?
B: Yes, I checked out of room 328 this morning, but I think I left my jacket and a shirt!
A: Really? Which room was it?
B: Room 328.
A: And what was your name please?
B: Yamazaki.
A: And what did the jacket and shirt look like?
B: It is a light brown cord jacket and a black shirt.
A: OK, let me just check for you.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A: Hi, yes the cleaning staff found both items this morning. They are just bringing them up now for you.
B: Thank you very much.

Alternative ending:

A: Hi, yes the cleaning staff found both items this morning.
B: Great.
A: Are you still in the city sir?
B: Yes, I am. Is it possible to send them to me?
A: Ifm sorry sir; we are not allowed to send clothes. Would it be possible for you to come and pick them up?
B: Sure. I will come by later today. Do I need to bring anything with me?
A: Yes, please bring your passport as identification.
B: OK. Thank you for your help. Bye.
A: Good-bye.